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by Toni Van Pelt
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 This Woman’s Point of View
 An enforcement tool, Fifty Shades of Grey
 “An old story, repackaged"
Fifty Shades of Grey, the selling of male violence, domination, powerful and wealthy, is a very old story, repeated throughout the generations. In my day it was the Story of O. Yes, most women are turned on by many of these images of sexual bondage, degradation and humiliation. I used to be myself. From the time I first experienced sexual fantasies it was usually an image of me kneeling at the alter in the catholic church with a priest coming up from behind me, inserting his penis and telling me to pray. It went on from there. I imagine a number of catholic girls had the same kind of fantasies from a tender age and perhaps boys. How can it be any different in this society, that we are all turned on by abusive sexual images? As in all of planetary society, it is the way we are brought up and continue to bring up children. It is a big part of the grooming of girls, women and boys to accept violence and degradation as “normal' by the larger community. It is a huge part of the slavery industry.
Is Tolerance Tolerable?
A discussion from the 2013 symposium with Susan Jacoby, Terry O’Neil and Nel Noddings as reported by The American Humanist Associations Joan Reisman-Brill.
“Perspectives on Death and Dying
Dying without Deity.”
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2015 Dying Without Deity conference, Columbia University, April 10-11, 2015 by Robert Tapp  “The Breadth of Humanism” (listen)
“The Paul Kurtz Legacy” (listen)
2015 Dying Without Deity conference, Columbia University, April 10-11, 2015 by Robert Tapp 
View Video from the “Dying without Diety” conference
Morality is Natural by Paul Kurtz
I have been interested in moral questions for as long as I can remember. I became keenly aware of the need for social justice, as an adolescent growing up during the Great Depression when so many people suffered hardship. I even flirted with utopian visions of a perfect world—though I eventually became disillusioned with this quest. I enlisted in the U.S. Army during the Second World War in order to combat fascism. I was horrified by the devastation that I witnessed—the Nazi Holocaust, Soviet tyranny, and the brutal bombing of open cities by all sides, including the Allies. As a GI in the European theater of operations, I was appalled by the nuclear destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the death of tens of thousands of innocent civilians, but I could find few soldiers who agreed with me. They cheered the allied victory and wanted to get home.
Professor Emeritus of Philosophy State University of New York at Buffalo Founder, Institute for Science and Human Values
By Norm R. Allen Jr.
One of the biggest mysteries in life is how otherwise intelligent people can have incredibly stupid beliefs. All non-theists are not perplexed that so many people believe in a Supreme Being. However, some of the beliefs that accompany theism are unbelievable indeed. The example that first comes to mind is the tale of Noah’s Ark. According to the most reliable estimates, the ark measured 460 x 74 x 44 feet. Yet in this small boat, we are expected to believe that Noah was able to gather two (or in some cases, seven) of each animal all over the Earth and somehow get them on board. Even if all of the animals were very young, in many cases, Noah would have had to have battled adult tigers, lions, bears, leopards, wild dogs, and other animals to get to the young. He would have had to have been the greatest and toughest human swimmer of all-time to have gathered sharks, whales, minnows and other sea animals. He also must have had extraordinary eyesight to have seen the penises and vaginas of gnats, flies, bees, worms and other small animals. (Let’s not even get started on how the dinosaurs could have gone aboard. Actually, they died out 65 million years before human beings even appeared on the scene.)
The Mystery of the Smart Religious Believer
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