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Forbidden Fruit: A Discussion about Science and Human Values Paul Kurtz, interviewed by D.J. Grothe, December 2008 [Editor’s note: In this interview, Paul Kurtz outlines his ideas on how science informs secular morality, and explores why a secular, pro-science morality trumps religious morality when it comes to issues like abortion and gay rights. It was transcribed and edited here for publication, and originally occurred on the Point of Inquiry interview program, which can still be heard online: _forbidden_fruit/] D.J.: Paul Kurtz started it all at the Center for Inquiry, founding the Council for Secular Humanism almost thirty years ago, CSICOP with Carl Sagan and James Randi and others before that, many other organizations. He’s really the leading figure in the organized, humanist and skeptics movements. (Read More)
Africa, Spirituality and Mental Illness Mental illness has long had a stigma among African Americans. Churches do not address it very well, and many African Americans are squeamish about discussing it. However, as bad as the problem is in the Black community of the U.S., Black Africans have it much worse. People suffering from mental illness in many African nations are literally chained in Christian prayer camps. Some of them wander the streets completely nude. Many African Christians believe they can cure mental illness through prayer. (Read More)
On November 13, 2015 ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) terrorists mass murdered over 128 people in the city of Paris, France. This was an extension of a war started elsewhere. In Iraq and Syria, ISIS perpetrated executions and mass murders and they forced millions to migrate as part of a plan to expand and defend their growing caliphate. The war now came to France. ISIS established its caliphate with guns and canon. Controlling people by controlling their beliefs appears to be a coequal weapon in the ISIS arsenal. ISIS has credibility as a terrorist operation: beheading people, burning people alive, mass murders, forcing mass migrations, etc. This trick of controlling beliefs, to instill anxiety and fear, has been known for centuries. (Read More)
The Paris Attack and the Power of Destructive Beliefs
By Bill Knaus Ed.D. on November 14, 2015 You can control what people feel and do by controlling their beliefs. Is that ISIS’s secret weapon?
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International Call to Address Inequalities and Social Justice in Climate Policy October - November 2015   Preamble Socioeconomic inequality is now understood to be integrally linked to the climate crisis. Inequalities drive climate change, and inequalities result from climate change. Climate change is an injustice to the underprivileged and  aggravates inequality. Inequalities, both within and among nations, block agreements and pathways that could lead to sustainability. This vicious cycle of climate change and socioeconomic inequalities must be broken. (Read More)