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Marlo Blue, KPFT NEWS host & Toni Van Pelt Listen to Religious Freedom Restoration Act interveiw on
Forbidden Fruit: A Discussion about Science and Human Values Paul Kurtz, interviewed by D.J. Grothe, December 2008 [Editor’s note: In this interview, Paul Kurtz outlines his ideas on how science informs secular morality, and explores why a secular, pro-science morality trumps religious morality when it comes to issues like abortion and gay rights. It was transcribed and edited here for publication, and originally occurred on the Point of Inquiry interview program, which can still be heard online: _forbidden_fruit/] D.J.: Paul Kurtz started it all at the Center for Inquiry, founding the Council for Secular Humanism almost thirty years ago, CSICOP with Carl Sagan and James Randi and others before that, many other organizations. He’s really the leading figure in the organized, humanist and skeptics movements. (Read More)
Toni Van Pelt interviewed on First Coast Connect radio show hosted by Melissa Ross. Listen Now 
Marchers being prepared to march and close Capitol entrance. Judy, Robert Tapp, ISHV board member, and daughter, Amy Laff in center rows 2 & 3, doing some preparatory breathing exercises.
On Tuesday, April 12, 2016, ISHV board member Robert Tapp and supporter, Judith Wallach along with daughter, Amy Laff, were among those in Washington DC for Democracy Spring. During the initial march on Monday, 400 were arrested. For the Tuesday march they joined many other seniors for further non-violence training, and then joined several hundred others to march -- and to block an entrance to the Capitol. Rather than risk spending time in detention and having to return to DC to pay any subsequent fines in person, they joined those who chose to let the police push them across the street. "Let us hope that Congress will take seriously the concerns of this many people and organizations — and legislate to get corporate and dark money out of politics, and to end the widespread voter suppression we now endure", declared Bob Tapp.
Prince and Spirituality The supremely unique musician Prince died under mysterious circumstances. Some reports say he allegedly overdosed on drugs six days before he died. If true, this is hard to fathom. The Purple One had a reputation as a physical fitness fanatic. He was a vegetarian, did not smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol, and was not known to use illegal drugs. He considered his body to be a temple, and in 2001, he became a deeply religious Jehovah’s Witness – so much so that he stopped performing sexually explicit songs from early in his career.
Congress Should Lift the Ban on Abortion on Military Facilities Because it Harms Service Members and Their Families All women deserve access to safe abortion care in their communities, including members of our military and their families. Unfortunately, since 1996, federal lawi has prohibited the Department of Defense from providing abortion care at military treatment facilities (MTFs) except in cases of rape or incest and where the woman’s life is endangered. This restriction, known as the facilities ban, increases the hardship that service women and dependents face in accessing abortion care within the United States and overseas. (Read More)