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The Institute brings together people from all walks of life interested in furthering the advancement of a secular planetary society. We endeavor to identify key values and ethics affecting the most important events in humankind’s journey.


What is the place of the individual person in the contemporary world? What is the meaning of life? What are the sources of the principles of personal integrity in common human experience?


With your financial help, we seek to find


Inspired by empathy and creativity, guided by reason, we challenge age old ideology with fresh thinking. We champion science, reason and logical thought, in the halls of legislatures, in our schools and in our communities, here and around the world.


These are dangerous times for secular humanists; secular values, law and government are under constant attack. We must be front and center pushing back.


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We can’t do it without you. Every donation you make strengthens our resolve and our wherewithal to advance and champion secular causes. Your membership lends force and influence to our work; promoting secular outcomes and strengthening civil standards, leading to stable, happy communities and neighborhoods - in our lifetime around the globe.



Secular Principles and Values

Personal, Progressive and Planetary

This is what we stand for….please stand with us.

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The Institute for Science and Human Values is a 501 (c) (3).

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“We are committed to the enhancement of human values and scientific inquiry. This combines both compassion and reason in realizing ethical wisdom. It focuses on the principles of personal integrity, individual freedom and responsibility. It includes a commitment to social justice, planetary ethics, and developing shared values for the human family”.

- Paul Kurtz





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There is a urgent need to connect the leading ideas of secular humanism and the spirit of pragmatism to the broader culture, not only in the United States but throughout the world.

ISHV has responded to that need.

Following the tradition begun by Paul Kurtz, it offers intellectual resources for addressing the social and political issues of the contemporary world by framing them in terms of perennial ethical concerns.


Attempting to comprehend the human condition, and, on that basis to improve human lives in a central task for our times. ISHV has taken up that task by advancing the positive understanding of scientific inquiry and of secular humanism, and I wholeheartedly endorse its important work.


--Philip Kitcher, John Dewey

Professor of Philosophy at Columbia University and author of many books, including Living with Darwin, The Ethical Project, and Science in a Democratic Society



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