"Perspectives on Death and Dying Symposium:

Dying Without Deity."

Institute for Science and Human Values (ISHV) symposium
 April 10-11, 2015

 Columbia University, New York City




Friday: April 10, 2015


5:40 Opening Reception

Cash Bar and Delightfully Delicious Hors d’oeuvres


6:40-7:00  Welcome - Toni Van Pelt

Robert Tapp - Symposium Chairman -“The Broad Range of Humanisms”


7:00-9:00 Opening Addresses: Toni Van Pelt - Moderator


“Do People Have the "Right to Die”?” - Ana Lita


"Stay" and the Secular Argument Against Suicide” - Jennifer Michael Hecht


“Body Not Soul: Encouraging Organ and Body Donation After Death” - Jamila Bey


Saturday: April 11, 2015


8:15 Arrival and Coffee


8:45-9:05  - Morning Remarks: Toni Van Pelt Moderator


“The Paul Kurtz Legacy” - Robert Tapp


“The Human Prospect: A Neohumanist Perspective” ISHV’s Journal- Charles Murn


9:05-11:35 - Humanist Community Panel: Somasundaram Ilangovan - Moderator

“Respect Beyond the Grave” - Margaret Downey


“Secular Patients Graciously Accept Second Class Status” - Joseph Beck


Coping styles of believers and nonbelievers and a role for secular humanist chaplaincy - Ralph Lewis


A Different Kind of Immortality - Anne Klaeysen


11:35-12:20 - Saroja Ilangovan Moderator


“Is Radical Life Extension Pseudoscientific Quackery, Medical Science, or a Moral Imperative?” - D.J. Grothe


12:20-12:35 - “ISHV Programs and Progress” Toni Van Pelt


12:35-1:35 - Lunch


1:35-3:35 - Legal Issues Around Death & Dying Panel: Marcia Cohen Moderator


“How religious hospital policies could affect your end-of-life choices” - Lois Uttley


Keeping Clergy Away:  Preventing Unwanted Religious Intrusion Through Advance Directives - Carol Ann Johnson and Debra Smietanski


3:35-4:20 - Stuart Jordan Moderator


“Why does the concept of suicide cause such outrage?” - Janis Landis, president elect of Final Exit


4:20-5:15 “Dying with Dignity: Lessons from Stoicism & Co.” - Massimo Pigliucci


5:15-6:00 Group Discussion - led by Robert Tapp and DJ Grothe


To Be Announced: Evening Gathering Social

All things subject to change at any time without notice.

© 2015 Institute for Science and Human Values, Inc.



© Institute for Science and Human Values, Inc.