Norm R. Allen Jr.

Mosque Madness

Threats to Secularism and Religious Liberty Worldwide

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Louise Anthony

Louise Antony to deliver 2011 Paul Kurtz Lecture

Nick Baumann

Brutal Attack on Women (Congressional GOP Pushes Zygote Personhood Bills)

Lindsay Beyerstein

Why Secularism Needs Feminism

Jackie Biero

Black History In A Minute: February 1, 2011

Rob Boston

Rights in Conflict: the Limits of Religious Liberty

J. Beth Ciesielski

Disharmony in Blues and Pinks

Jesse Christopherson

Humanists announce formation of new institute dedicated to ethics

Mormomism IS Not Dead

Cody Christopherson

Barriers and directions in the puesuit of happiness

Tim Dean

If God is Dead, What Comes Next?

Stan Friedland

Catholic Church punishes hospital for performing a life saving abortion (Abortion & Catholics)

Effective Values Education: What Schools Are Not Doing Today

Sonia Pressman Fuentes

The Women's Movement Where It's Been, Where It's At and the Problems that Remain

Jerilyn Goodman

Baldwin Seeks to Speed Ratification of Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)

Darragh Hare & Tauriq Moosa

A Matter of Justice

James A. Haught

Fading Faith: The Rise of the Secular Age

David Hoelscher

Grown-up Idealist: Paul Kurtz On Economic Justice

Leo Igwe

Leaving Religion and Living Without Religion

Retribution attacks cost father of human rights defender his right eye

Leo Egwe's response to the attack on his family

Nigerian Humanist Movement opposes government move to ban same sex marriage

Ambassador Dayan Jayatilleka

"Humanism is the closest we can get to a universal good"

Stuart Jordan

The Enlightenment Vision Today

The Link Between Science And Human Values

Bill Knaus

Hitting Bottom

Protect Yourself

Workplace from Hell

Paul Kurtz

Advancing Humanist Ethics on Several Fronts

Hiroshima-65 Years Later

Mission Statement

Neo-Humanist Statement

Wanted: Moral Education for Secular Children

The abuse of the witch children of Akwa Ibon State

The Turbulent Universe

The Faith of an Empathetic Humanist

Ruth Mitchell

Every Child a Wanted Child: A Humanist Manifesto

Terry O’Neill

A Watershed Year

Vince Parr


Periyar International of Washington, D.C.

Periyar's 132nd Birthday Celebration

John Rafferty

Thanks To...Whom?

A. Hewitt Rose, III

Rape and Sexual Assault in the US Military

The Threat of an Evangelized US Military

Andrea Steele

International Freethought Film Fetsival Waives Student Films Submission Fees

Rodrique Tremblay

The Code for Global Ethics: Ten Humanist Principles

Dr. Floris van den Berg

Dear Paul

Do not harm others

A Philosophical Reflection

Jack Van Pelt

Promoting Planetary Ethics, Morality and Responsibility

Toni Van Pelt

CEDAW-Women and Children First

In Honor of the Constitution, End Religious Preference

The Intersection of Humanism and Feminism

Kimberly Winston / Religous News Service

Blacks say atheists were unseen civil rights heroes

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